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Transforming Lives One Move at a Time

From her first day in high school April knows she doesn't have what it takes to earn a college scholarship. She encounters a wise school counselor who turns her world upside down and begins to teach April invaluable life skills through a series of encounters...then everything begins to change for April.

In this moving tale based on true stories, you will learn how the game of chess can develop a strategic mind-set and produces the rare ability to graciously handle set-backs.

This success parable weaves powerful life lessons into a gripping story which you cannot set down. Discover the world beyond what you see and into the realm of possibilities.

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A Pawn’s Journey translates to each one of our life trajectories. A must-read for those who desire to understand the power of learning through setbacks.”
— Robert Katende, Founder and Director of SOM Chess Academy in Uganda, coach to Phiona Mutesi of the Queen of Katwe
Change your mindset—change your life! Through April and her story, Elliott Neff engagingly shares winning thinking that students, parents, teachers, and leaders will find works everywhere.”
— Dan Sullivan, Founder of The Strategic Coach, Inc.